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Costa Building Supplies offers a full range of thermal and acoustical insulating materials, including R12 basement blankets and Super Six Vapour Barrier.

Imagine going outside in the dead of winter without a warm coat—what happens? Your body loses a lot of heat and has to work really hard to keep you from freezing. Wearing your coat makes it so your body doesn’t have to work as hard to churn out the BTUs. Insulation offers similar benefits by keeping valuable air from escaping from your home. But what makes one insulation different from another? Understanding the properties of insulation, such as R-Value, installation method and its part in controlling air-infiltration, can help you make more informed decisions when choosing insulation.

At Costa Building Supplies Ltd., our professional team specializes in supplying the highest quality of drywall in Vaughan and Cambridge. Visit us at costabuildingsupplies.com if you are looking for affordable drywall in Cambridge, Vaughan and the surrounding areas.

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