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About Acoustic Ceilings

Reduce Unwanted Noise Use Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

You probably don't take much time to think about it, but your ceiling serves some important purposes. It can be decorative, provide protection, and also serve as a sound barrier. Sound barriers are especially important when you have multiple stories on your house. One classification of the absorbent ceilings is the acoustic ceiling.

History of Acoustic Ceilings

Acoustic ceilings were developed in the 1960s and were commonly used in homes to create lower ceilings, as well as to provide a sound barrier. In addition to absorbing sound, these ceilings also allowed homeowners to install additional ductwork, electrical wiring, and plumbing.

Installation and Appearance

An acoustic ceiling is installed by hanging a suspended wire grid and then installing special sound absorbing tiles onto the grid. Today, these tiles are no longer drab and commercial in appearance, but come in many decorative and attractive designs. Acoustic tiles come with stucco finishes, imitation slate, and other various beautiful designs.

Gone are the days of ugly popcorn or industrial looking tiles, you can now add a decorative, eye-catching touch to your ceiling while serving a practical purpose at the same time. Many tiles either snap together or fit tightly into a grid frame. Add an even classier touch by installing decorative crown moldings around the edges of the walls, or incorporating moldings into the field of tiles.

NRC Ratings

The noise reduction effectiveness of acoustic tiles is measured by the noise reduction coefficient (NRC), and the ceiling attenuation class (CAC). The NRC rating is used for interior purposes, and is a number between 0-1.0 that measures the sound absorption of the product. The CAC rating refers to the product's effectiveness as a noise barrier compared to simply a noise absorber.

The addition of an acoustic ceiling can work to hide an otherwise unattractive ceiling, or can be a way to bring needed style to a room. Request free estimates from a skilled skilled drywall contractor to install your acoustical ceiling.

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