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Top 10 frequently asked questions:

Q: What are your hours of operations?
A: Monday to Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm

Q: What type of drywall do you use in the shower/bathroom?
A: Mold resistant drywall (i.e., M2 Tech), Cement Board or Dens Shield.

Q: What insulation could I use for sound proofing?
A: QuietzoneInsulation by weOwens Corning or Safe n Sound Insulation by Roxul.

Q: Do you sell any drywall from China?
A: We carry drywall from Canada and the United States only.

Q: How much do you charge for delivery?
A: Any order over 500.00 before taxes would be able to receive free delivery.

Q: Do you deliver drywall into the basement?
A: Yes. There is an extra charge of 2.00 per sheet to carry the drywall down into your basement.

Q: What does R value mean?
A: This indicates a materialís amount of resistance to heat transfer. The higher this number, the more insulation the product provides.

Q: Are you open to the public?
A: Most of our customers are professional contractors, but yes we are absolutely open to the public.

Q: Do you carry wood?
A: We only carry rough plywood. All the framing materials we carry are in metal.

Q: Do you sell tools?
A: We sell drywall tools in both locations. However, in Cambridge we also offer Ames Taping tools for those who prefer to rent (http://www.amestools.com)

At Costa Building Supplies Ltd., our professional team specializes in supplying the highest quality of drywall in Vaughan and Cambridge. Visit us at costabuildingsupplies.com if you are looking for affordable drywall in Cambridge, Vaughan and the surrounding areas.

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